The Top 3 Benefits of Using An Online Resident Portal

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Does your condominium or apartment community offer an online resident portal? If so, are you taking advantage of it?

First-class property managers understand the growing importance of the three C’s – convenience, connectivity and community – which is why they provide web-based platforms that allow residents to pay rent or HOA dues, submit maintenance requests and even reserve party rooms and other common areas with a few finger swipes or clicks of a mouse.

“People use technology every day to stay connected and streamline their daily tasks, so why should property management be any different?” said Mark Durakovic, principal of Kass Management. “These online portals are a way for us to communicate with residents in real time and on their platform of choice, be it their computer, tablet or smartphone, eliminating many of the inefficiencies associated with paper communication.”

Below are the top three reasons residents living in buildings managed by in Kass Management take advantage of their online resident portal.

1. Convenience, Convenience, Convenience
One of the biggest perks reported by residents with access to an online portal is the ability to make rent and HOA payments online – no checks, no envelopes and no postage required. And thanks to autopay, residents can pay their bills on time every time, avoiding unexpected late fees at the end of the month. Online portals also save residents time by providing a single point of reference for important information on things like condo board meeting notes and documents pertaining to property rules and regulations.

2. Quicker Response Times
Resident portals can also help streamline maintenance requests. For example, in the case of all non-emergency issues, residents can quickly send a note to maintenance, no matter what time of day. Plus, online maintenance requests makes it easy for property management to effectively track work orders and ensure that all are being taken care of on a timely basis. Residents also have the option to check the status of their online requests so they are always in the loop and know when work will be complete.

3. Staying Connected with the Community
Online portals are great at fostering a sense of community among residents, providing a shared forum where they can connect with their neighbors and stay abreast of upcoming meetings and social events. Quick access to community calendars, board members and property managers allows residents to stay connected whether it’s a community gathering, updates on neighborhood news and/or recommendations and special interest groups (i.e. book clubs, walking or biking clubs, etc.).