Smell Gas in Your Apt or Home

Monday, May 12, 2014

Smell gas in your apt or home? It may be the pilot light on your stove that is out. There is no need to call a repairman or the gas company as it is something that any person can do. Follow the below instructions and contact your landlord if this does not resolve the problem.

So, you smell gas in your home. First thing to check is if the stove you have in your kitchen has a standing pilot light which has burned out. You can find out of this is the case by checking if any of the burners won't turn on or if the oven won't heat up.

The pilot for the burners is located under the hood of the stove top. It lifts up on most stoves just like a car hood. On both sides of the stove top under the hood in between the front and rear burners there is a pilot light that you can re-light with a match or lighter. Just get a flame in the pilot ignition area and it will relight. This should solve your problem.

The oven pilot is no different except that it is beneath the oven in the broiler compartment. Open your bottom drawer or broiler on the stove and you will find a similar ignition area that can be re-lite with a match or lighter.

If the above does not work pull the stove out away from the wall and close the valve to the oven disconnecting the gas and contact your landlord immediately.