3 Reasons You Should Work with a Property Management Company During Your Next Apartment Search

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Looking for an apartment? Instead of relying solely on an apartment finding service, consider going directly to the source -- the company (or companies) responsible for managing the buildings on your short list.

Firms like Kass Management that oversee a portfolio of rental buildings – typically in different neighborhoods, with a range of sizes and price points – have intimate knowledge of each property they manage, giving them a unique perspective that outside brokers may not be able to provide.

Below are three specific ways a property manager can inform your next apartment search:

  1. They have the inside scoop: In some cases, third-party brokers show buildings they have never set foot in. That’s never the case with a property manager, who is familiar with the neighborhood, the real estate – including which units will be coming online before they’re publicly listed – and the people who live in each community. A leasing agent from a management company can also provide details on everything from utility costs to building specific details such as where storage is located, how maintenance requests are handled and how to pay rent online, all of which can save renters from unnecessary expenses and or aggravation later on.
  2. They save you time: Because of their acute knowledge of different neighborhoods and buildings, a management company will immediately know which units are a fit for your budget and lifestyle. Their relationship with the tenants and direct access to keys can get you into buildings faster, giving you first choice of available units. And because you’re leasing directly from the management company, your application can be processed more efficiently – no middleman required.
  3. They may be willing to cut you a deal. In some cases, a property management company will know about incentives or better pricing that apartment brokers may not be privy to. For example, a management company may have the ability to reduce the application fees or other lease administration fees that could apply.