Winter is Here

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Please be advised that with the winter now upon us and the extreme cold that it brings with, that it is important to take preventative measures in avoiding frozen pipes from occurring in your unit and property that also may potentially burst and cause greater damage.

If you pay your own heat please be advised that it is required that you maintain an active gas/electric accounts in order to keep your unit heated properly and avoid the possibility of plumbing pipes freezing in your unit and in the walls of your unit. The city mandates the minimum heat required be 66-68 degrees. If you are having issues with your furnace or heating equipment please notify your property manager immediately. Also, if you are unable to maintain your utility accounts it is important to note that it is a direct violation of your lease. However, in order to prevent damage to the property please notify your property manager of this issue.

If you plan on leaving your unit for any extended period of time please make note that the heat must be left on in order to prevent frozen and bursting pipes. If you do intend on leaving for extended time please notify your property manager so that your unit can be monitored during your absence.

 If you reside in a garden or third floor unit it may be useful in cases of extreme cold (below 10 degrees) to keep your faucets running a very small drip in both the kitchen and bathrooms. This will keep a constant flow of water in the lines and preventing them from freezing.

Lastly please make note that that frozen pipes may burst and any damage incurred to your personal property is not the responsibility of the property or its insurance; so any additional measures taken on your part are important and appreciated. We strongly urge tenants to obtain renter’s insurance which is inexpensive and can be just a few dollars per month and to remember that it is a requirement in their lease to have such insurance. If there is negligence that occurs by a tenant they can be held liable for damages by both residents and the landlord.

 If you need any assistance please contact your property manager at 773-975-7234.

Thanks again and we wish you a happy holiday season.